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Fleur De Dance

Are you ready to start your beautiful journey together?

Fleur De Dance specializes in private instruction for wedding dances.  All of our lessons have two instructors, not one.  With both a lead and follow instructor, your ability and efficiency to prepare for your special dance greatly improves.  We can have you dancing together in far less time!

With close to 30 years in professional dance and music instruction, we know how to help you achieve your goals......and have fun doing it!

Our unique teaching style focuses on getting you naturally and fluidly moving together while helping you learn how to flow within the partnership.

We believe in learning the kind of communication that makes harmonious partnering not only possible but something that will continue to grow beyond your special day. 

Wedding lessons are perfect for Bride/Groom, Father/Daughter, Mother/Son, Parents, Grandparents, and more.

How to get started:

  1. Purchase a wedding package below
  2. Use our booking link to book one or more of your lesson times
  3. Show up for your lessons

That's it!!!

Our Wedding Dance Lesson Packages

All private lesson prices include up to 2 students. Additional cost for each additional student.


The "Starter" Package

Three (50 Minute) Private Lessons
Two instructors on each lesson

Best for: Simple and easy dance
1. Elegant entrance
2. Basic dance steps with a few memorable variations
3. Beautiful ending


The "Next Step" Package

Five (50 Minute) Private Lessons
Two instructors on each lesson

Best for: More elaborate dance
1. Elegant entrance
2. Dance with memorable variations
3. Some specifically choreographed elements
4. Beautiful ending


The "Perfectly Prepared" Package

Seven (50 Minute) Private Lessons
Two instructors on each lesson

Best for: Specifically choreographed dance with special moments.
1. Elegant entrance
2. Dance with SEVERAL memorable variations
3. Specifically choregraphed elements throughout entire song
3. Beautiful ending


One (50 Minute) Private Lesson

One (50 Minute) Private Lesson
Best for: Last minute fine-tuning and corrections


Total: $0.00


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